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Album Reviews

“Afghan Whigs, Do to the Beast,” The Agit Reader, April 25, 2014
“Tweens, Tweens,” The Agit Reader, April 11, 2014
“Jimi Goodwin, Odulek,” The Agit Reader, March 27, 2014
“Spirits and the Mechizedek Children, So Happy, It’s Sad,” The Agit Reader, March 26, 2014
“Pins, Girls Like Us,” The Agit Reader, March 25, 2014
“Angel Olsen, Burn Your Fire for No Witness,” The Agit Reader, March 4, 2014
“The Woodentops, Granular Tales,” The Agit Reader, February 18, 2014
“Snowbird, Moon,” The Agit Reader, February 7, 2014
“The Hidden Cameras, AGE,” The Agit Reader, February 3, 2014
“Painted Palms, Forever, CMJ, January 17, 2014
“Past Perfect: The Verlaines, Hallelujah All the Way Home and Juvenilia,” The Agit Reader, Jan. 13, 2014

“September Girls, Cursing the Sea,” The Agit Reader, January 17, 2014
“Toy, Join the Dots,” The Agit Reader, December 11, 2013
“Past Perfect: COUM Transmissions, Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope,” The Agit Reader, Dec. 9, 2013
“Night Sins, To London or the Lake,” The Agit Reader, December 3, 2013
“Mrs. Magician, B-Sides,” The Agit Reader, November 26, 2013
“Past Perfect: Neo Boys, Sooner or Later,” The Agit Reader, November 3, 2013
“Guided By Voices, The Bears for Lunch,” The Agit Reader, November 13, 2012
“Past Perfect: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Juju,” The Agit Reader, October 15, 2009
“The Occasion, Cannery Hours,” Columbus Alive, October 5, 2005
“Spoon, Gimme Fiction,” Columbus Alive, May 18, 2005
“Mary Timony, Ex Hex,” Columbus Alive, April 20, 2005
“The Frames, Burn the Maps,” Columbus Alive, February 23, 2005
“Radiohead, Hail to the Thief,” Columbus Alive, June 12, 2003
“The Arab Strap, Monday at the Hug & Pint,” Columbus Alive, May 1, 2003
“The Kills, Keep on Your Mean Side,” Columbus Alive, April 3, 2003
“Bad Religion, The Process of Belief,” Columbus Alive, February 14, 2002
“David Axelrod, David Axelrod,” Columbus Alive, January 10, 2002
“Radiohead, Amnesiac,” Columbus Alive, June 7, 2001
“The Olivia Tremor Control, Black Foliage,” Willamette Week, March 10, 1999
“Sam Prekop, Sam Prekop,” Willamette Week, January 27, 1999
“Various Artists, Rare on Air Volume Four,” Willamette Week, December 9, 1998
“The Frumpies, Frumpie One Piece,” Willamette Week, November 11, 1998
“Cinerama, Va Va Voom,” Willamette Week, October 28, 1998
“Golden Smog, Weird Tales,” Willamette Week, October 21, 1998
“Various Artists, I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records,” Willamette Week, October 14, 1998
“Varnaline, Sweet Life,” Willamette Week, September 23, 1998
“Adam Cohen, Adam Cohen,” Willamette Week, September 2, 1998
“Liz Phair, whitechocolatespacegg,” Willamette Week, August 19, 1998